Profile Maria Gutknecht-Gmeiner

Committed evaluator   

Passionate educator

Advocate of the „art of cooperation“

Supporter of European integration and
international cooperation


Interests and specialisations

  • Evaluation, qualitative social research, educational research
  • Formal and informal organisational structures and rules,
    management culture, „art of cooperation“
  • Making sense of quality and knowledge management
  • Complex projects & interventions in(to) social systems
  • International cooperation, networking,  policy consulting
  • Gender/diversity/equity policies

Approaches and values

  • Systemic, constructivist approach
  • Resource orientation
  • Esteem for people and impartiality
  • Methodological accuracy
  • Scientific basis

Work experience

  • Management (deputy director) and research at a
    non-university research institute in Austria
  • International networking and project coordination
  • Evaluation and organisational consulting
  • Training and moderation

Memberships and expertise

  • Member of the DeGEval "Gesellschaft für Evaluation"
    ("Evaluation Society")

    member of the  topical interest groups (TIG) on
    - Vocational Education and Training
    - Gender Mainstreaming (co-speaker 2011-2016)
    - Professionalisation
    - Environment

  • Member of the AEA "American Evaluation Association"

  • Former member of the EES "European Evaluation Society"

  • Monitoring expert for the Initiative Erwachsenenbildung (Initiative for Adult Learning Austria: Austrian programme for literacy, key competences and skills for all) (2012-2017)

  • Certified Quality Manager (ISO 9001), Certified Auditor (ISO 19011)

  • Certified EFQM European Excellence Assessor

  • Participation as assessor in the "Austrian Quality Award" (Business Excellence Award) "Staatspreis Unternehmensqualität"

  • Certified mediator (since 2012)

  • Expert for the Lifelong learning programme (evaluation of project proposals and programme evaluations) both in Austria and on the European level since 1996

  • Expert for the European Network on Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (ENQA VET), now EQAVET

Recent professional training


  • PhD in educational sciences/evaluation
        University of Klagenfurt 2006

  • History/Latin Master‘s Degree in Education/Teacher Training
        University of Vienna 1993

  • Studies and research semester
       University of California, Santa Barbara 1990-1992


  • Enthusiastic dancer: modern dance (Limon, Graham, axis syllabus, Horton technique; training at Tanzquartier Wien), ballet, pointe technique, salsa, samba ...

  • Member of the lay choir Kammerchor Dornbach (high soprano, but - after some recent vocal training to sing low notes - also willing to join alto or tenor)

  • Zealous but patient gardener with 2 balconies, a terrace, a back-yard and garden. Former chairperson of the first self-governing neighbourhood garden project "Nachbarschaftsgarten Heigerlein" ( BlogVideo)

  • Fashion designer (trading licence as tailor/dressmaker; training at the Viennese guild and at the University of Applied Arts Vienna) Instagram: undress.thelabel



Dr. Maria

Dr.-Josef-Resch-Pl. 14/3
1170 Wien, Austria
T: +43 (664) 23 65 980

UID: ATU 65417159








Enhancing commitment to use of internal evaluations
fteval conference, 30.11.2020
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Evaluation of meta-level evaluations
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Evaluation "Stadtgrün - Artenreich und Vielfältig"
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Evaluation "Weltumspannend arbeiten"
"working globally", an awareness-raising and policy project of the Austrian Trade Union Federation
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Evaluation "Richtig fit für ASVÖ-Vereine"
Rrganisational development for Austrian sport clubs
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Evaluation and Organization Development (OD)
Course for the Master of Evaluation, University of Bern
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