Evaluation Societies

Gesellschaft für Evaluation (DeGEval)

Gesellschaft für Evaluation e.V. promotes professionalisation and exchange on evaluation in German-speaking countries (primarily Germany and Austria)

TIP: The DeGEVAL has adopted Evaluation Standards and has published a series of useful publications, e.g. on education and training in evaluation or a guideline for commissioners of evaluations.

TIP2: Also look into the 17 topical interest groups, the DeGEval Arbeitskreise, which cover a wide range of evaluation fields: z.B. development evaluation, educational evaluation in differenct sectors (from schools to vocational training to higher education), the social services sector but also research, technology and innovation policy and the private sector etc.

American Evaluation Association (AEA)

The American Evaluation Association with many resources, documents, webinars and links.

TIP: The Coffee Break Demonstration Series are 20-minute webinars open to the general public (you only need to sign in) dealing with special evaluation topics. Lively discussion on evaluation with participants from all over the world takes place on the AEA discussion list EVALTALK.

Usful and interesting links on evaluation 

Eval-Wiki - What you always wanted to know about evaluation 1

Evaluation glossary hosted by Univation - Institut für Evaluation
a further development of the booklet "Glossars wirkungsorientierter Evaluation" of 2004 (2nd edition 2009). The glossary is in German, but contains English and French translations for all terms included.

TIP: If you are looking for a German glossary you will find more than 400 updated Evaluation terms and definitions - and the corresponding terms in English and French. The glossary lists its sources and is constantly updated.

Eva the evaluator - What you always wanted to know about evaluation 2

A picture book on evaluation by Roger Miranda with illustrations by Birgit Stadler. The book was published in English in 2009 by Learningham Press. (In 2011 it was translated into German by Henning and Wolfgang Beywl; it has also been translated into other languages - check the "evatheevaluator" website or your local/national evaluation society).

TIPP: For all those want to know (in simple words) what an evaluator does (and what an evaluator can be used for).
With it's many sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle, but always playful allusions to current evaluation theory and practice it's also a fun read for advanced evaluators.


The discussion list of the American Evaluation Association -
exchange with evaluators from all over the world.

TIPP: Was auch immer EvaluatorInnen beschäftigt, von kniffligen statistischen Problemen bis zur Wahl des richtigen Aufnahmegeräts - hier gibt es Rückmeldungen zu jeder Frage.

Genuine Evaluation Blog

Patricia J. Roger's and E. Jane Davidson's blog on "real, genuine, authentic, practical evaluation"

TIPP: "Friday Funny" - for all those who feel like having a good laugh at least once a week.

Evaluation Portal Link Collection

Lars Balzer's portal with many links to evaluation resources, many of them in German or English, but also in other languages and from countries all over the world. The links are structured in meaningful categories - which makes for an easy search.

TIPP: For those who need information on evaluation (basic or advanced), are looking for an evaluator, search for practical tools or want to do further education and training in evaluation.



Dr. Maria

Dr.-Josef-Resch-Pl. 14/3
1170 Wien, Austria
T: +43 (664) 23 65 980

UID: ATU 65417159








Enhancing commitment to use of internal evaluations
fteval conference, 30.11.2020
Further information and registration here


Evaluation of meta-level evaluations
for the Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung e.V.,  
Brot für die Welt


Evaluation "Stadtgrün - Artenreich und Vielfältig"
(Enhancing urban biodiversity) 
Kick-off  more


Evaluation "Weltumspannend arbeiten"
"working globally", an awareness-raising and policy project of the Austrian Trade Union Federation
Final presentation  more


Evaluation "Richtig fit für ASVÖ-Vereine"
Rrganisational development for Austrian sport clubs
5th project cycle more


Evaluation and Organization Development (OD)
Course for the Master of Evaluation, University of Bern
Evaluation training offer at University of Bern