Determining the success of modern organisations and non-trivial projects and interventions requires appropriate  approaches and methods of analysis and assessment.

Evaluation was developed as a scientific discipline in order to investigate complex subjects and problems using a wide range of methods to arrive at sound results and  substantiated and useful conclusions.

Types of evaluations offered
  • Evaluation of interventions, programmes and project
  • Evaluation of/in organisations
  • Evaluation of/in enterprises
  • Support and consulting for internal evaluation /self-evaluatio
  • Support for peer evaluation/peer review More
  • Expertises concerning evaluation and quality management
  • Meta-evaluations

        Quantitative and qualitative methods

  • Surveys, qualitative interviews
  • Observations
  • Analysis of monitoring data and documents
  • documentary method

        Definition of evaluation basics

  •    objectives, criteria and (performance) indicators

        Establishment of monitoring systems

  • Requirements for documentation, operative implementation
  • definition of relevant data
  • integrated data collection and analysis

        Process evaluation

        Assessment of results and products

        Impact analyses

Approaches and perspectives
  • Development-oriented evaluation
  • Utilisation-focused evaluation
  • Appreciative evaluation (Appreciative Inquiry)