External evaluation of the project
„Capacity-building of Partner Organisations of Brot für die Welt“

Inception Workshop for the external evaluation of the proejct with Brot für die Welt on 25.01.2023

Brot für die Welt supports their partner organisations worldwide through local consultants. These „Consultancy and Support Services” (CSS) are being trained, supported, and updated on matters of compliance (financial management and outcome and impact orientation) as well as on the principles and working modes of Brot für die Welt by the project „Capacity-building of Partner Organisation“ (duration: 4.5 years).

The commissioned external evaluation aims to determine whether the project is living up to its mandate. In addition, it explores how the project can be set up in the future. In this endeavour, the major changes in the working practice of the project brought about by the digitalisation of all training and support activities since March 2020 are considered. The position of the project as an internal “service provider” in a complex organisational structure is viewed as an important factor.

The external evaluation works on a tight schedule in order to provide the results on time for the planning of the next project phase. A comprehensive evaluation design was developed to ensure that the evaluand can be investigated from all relevant perspectives: it comprises qualitative interviews/focus group discussions with all internal and external stakeholders, an online-survey of the CSS and the partner organisations, participant observations of project activities and a broad analysis of project documents. Promising ways of working with project constituents are explored as case studies and effective principles (Patton 2018) are derived.

Evaluation team

Project coordination: IMPULSE
Cooperation with:
– EOP – Evaluation, Organisationsentwicklung, Projektservice (Susanne Höck)
and for the interviews in Spanish, Portuguese and French with
– Madeleine Rodríguez Startz (KONZEPT Beratung und Training) and
– Marco Hanitzsch (CoResult – Sustainable Results for Development).