10 Things Evaluators Don’t Like to Hear

by Roger Miranda,
who compiled it from contributions of EVALTALK-members and his own experiences

Top 10 List of Things Evaluators Don’t Like to Hear

10. “Our program has been implemented worldwide, in six languages, with over 50,000 beneficiaries; we need the evaluation report in two weeks and have a $3,000 budget.  By the way, we didn’t collect any baseline data. Can you do it?”

9. “An evaluation won’t tell us anything we don’t already know.”

8. “We never got round to preparing a Logical Framework or a Theory of Change. We’ve been busy implementing our program from Day one!”

7. “Our organization doesn’t need an evaluation policy; we figure things out as we go along.”

6. “There’s no need to waste time by testing the survey instrument. Responses don’t have to be that precise.”

5. “Your work is just a sham — we know it’s going to be used to justify cutting our program.”

4.“We are not really interested in the evaluation. We just have to comply with funder rules and send them a report. As a matter of fact, they get so many that they don’t even read them.” 

3. “I know our programme had tremendous positive impact and your evaluation report is not telling us that. Change your report. Don’t forget that I am the person writing the check.”

2. “Let’s hope that we don’t get shot or kidnapped during our field visit.”

1. “Evaluation? What the heck is that?”

Roger Miranda, EVALTALK, 27.7.2011

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