Data protection statement

The following statement describes how

IMPULSE – Evaluation und Organisationsberatung

Dr. Maria Gutknecht-Gmeiner
Dr.-Josef-Resch-Pl. 14/3
1170 Vienna, Austria

processes your personal data.

This statement addresses

  • commissioners
  • partners
  • interested parties and potential future commissioners
  • suppliers
  • cther business partners and clients

and their representatives and staff (if applicable)

  • as well as job or practical training applicants.

We process personal data falling under the following categories:

  • name of the organisation/company
  • occupation/position in the organisation/company
  • contact person
  • address
  • contact data (telephone number, email, address in conference tools, if applicable)
  • bank account (suppliers),
  • UID-number (if applicable)
1. Rationale for data processing

We will process your data for the following purposes

  • to establish, administrate and manage business relations
  • to strengthen existing relations to clients and (project) partners.

If we collect personal data from you personally, provision of your data is voluntary. If you contact us, you confirm that you are over 18 years of age.

You may revoke your consent at any time. As a consequence, from that time on we will stop processing your data for the above purposes. In order to revoke your consent, please contact Dr. Maria Gutknecht-Gmeiner, office(at)

2. Legal basis of data processing

In general, we only process your data upon your consent and on the basis of our predominately legitimate interest to fulfil the above purposes (cf. article 6, 1 lit. a of the general data protection regulation).

If you are an interested party or a potential future commissioner, client or partner, we will process your contact date for the purpose of direct contacts/marketing via electronic post or telephone only with your consent according to article 6, 1 lit. a of the general data protection regulation.

If you are a current commissioner or project partner, we process your personal data insofar it is necessary to fulfil the obligations of a contract concluded with you. In certain cases, data may be processed in order to fulfil legal obligations (cf. article 6, 1 lit. c).

3. Transmission of your personal data

In principle, IMPULSE does not transmit or disclose your personal data to third parties. If it is unavoidable for fulfilling the purposes stated above (see 1. Rationale for data processing), it may be necessary to forward your data to the following recipients

  • our IT-provider AKIS who themselves adhere to strict data protection rule
  • administrative bodies, courts and public authorities
  • cooperation partners
  • other recipients as defined by commissioner and cooperation partners.

Your data is processed on servers in Austria und thus data protection meets the levels required in the EU.

4. Data protection and Google Analytics

This website does not use Google Analytics and Cookies. We do not collect personal data during your use of our website. Our IT providers stores technical information on your visit for a short period of time (for technical reasons), website statistics are highly aggregated and do not contain any information whatsoever on website users.

5. Data processor

Our IT Provider collects, stores and processes you personal data according to the legal rules. All data are solely processed on servers in Austria.

6.  Duration of data storage

In general, we store you personal data until the projects or activities for which your data had been collected end of until the expiration of applicable legal periods or storage and of limitation. Beyond this only in the event of legal actions in which this data will be required as evidence.

7. Your rights concerning your personal data

You are entitled

1) to obtain information whether and what kind of personal data we process and to obtain copies of this data,

2) to request rectification or erasure of personal data if it is wrong or not processed following the legal requirements,

3) to request limitation of the processing of your personal data,

4) to withdraw your previously given consent (which does not however have an impact on data processing that had taken place prior to the revocation of consent),

5) to know the identity of third parties, to whom we transmit data (if applicable) and to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

 In Austria the “Datenschutzbehörde” is the competent authority:

8. Contact

Should you have any questions concerning this statement or want to submit a request, please contact us:

IMPULSE – Evaluation und Organisationsberatung
Dr. Maria Gutknecht-Gmeiner
Dr.-Josef-Resch-Pl. 14/3
1170 Wien


Date: 01.05.2023